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VIN Request for - GUEST
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Specify ordered car parts in detail

Correct: shock absorber front right  
Incorrect: shock absorber



Why enter Your mobile phone or E-mail?

Mobile phone and E-mail are entered so that You could get an E-mail with Your login/password and our manager could contact You.

A new user is created for each new VIN Request. If You already have an account - You should first login and then send VIN Request.

What is VIN code?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) - Serial number of chassis (carbody, frame), always 17-character . VIN code is specified  in registration certificate of Your auto.

Below there is an example of a VIN code, indicated in registration certificate of KIA CEED:

If the VIN code specified is incomplete or contain errors  - VIN Request will be rejected.

What is the right way to specify the necessary parts?

Specify in detail the parts odrered, by entering each part separately in a new line. 
Each line must contain only one car part.

How is VIN Request processed?

After processing - You will receive an E-mail notification, a manager will call You back and give You parts pricing information. You can check the processed VIN Request yourself after logging in. Then You should price the parts codes selected by the manager, choose the most suitable price, terms of delivery, supplier, and add the parts to Your cart. The parts in the cart are formed in orders; You must make an advance payment - only in such sequence Your order will be processed and delivered within the terms specified in price lists. 

The other option is to ask the manager to create and process Your order after paying for it in advance directly in our our office.